Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Enough ! ! !

After the hideous explosion that targeted one of the most outspoken journalists in Lebanon I wanted to write something and I prepared an article but before publishing it I read this article. It says everything I wanted to say. So here it is:

They Can Never Silence You

These days I cannot but help look at my country fall apart brick by brick, day by day without a look of despair.
A look of despair that comes from not being able to do anything about the destruction that has embraced it.
A look of despair that comes from being disappointed with the government that has failed me and my people time and time again.
A look of despair that comes from being away from home watching and waiting, feeling nothing but shame and disgust.
But on the 25th of September, 2005 this government could not but have disappointed me any further. On that day May Chidiac was targeted by the unknown band of thugs that have been skipping through my country picking off one prominent figure at a time. I cannot express my thoughts at this moment from an objective point of view, as I cannot but help point my finger at the government and call it guilty of a second degree in attempt of murder. Isn't this government that has been elected by the people, for the people, suppose to protect he people?
Isn't this government suppose to find this still unknown band of thugs and arrest them, as any responsible government would do?
Isn't this government doing nothing but simplifying this band's job by not doing anything to assure the security of its people.
I see my prime minister talk about redeeming such acts of violence, but all he does is talk and talk and then talk some more, and so does the minister of interior and all his fellow ministers, and so does our president, infact all they are good at is talking and offering condolensces after the incident has happened but not preventing them. When I see all of them talk about the need to restore order in Lebanon and then not see a sign of improvement I know that they are not acting as a true government, but as an irresponsible goverment. They are still a regime of puppets, but the puppeteer is not Syria anymore. It is their shallow outlook on the lives of their own people. The people who have suffered for more than 30 years, and are still suffering because of the incompetent governments that have risen to power every 4 years.
On the 25th of September, I could not but look further down upon them. This band of thugs planted a bomb under the cover of broad daylight beneath the seat of one of the most prominent freedom fighters in the Lebanese journalist community. For a woman who fought through the so called civil war, and then through the Syrian presence in Lebanon, to keep her country free only by a pen when all would use the gun. It is a shame to see that pen fall down, even for a brief moment in time until it is picked up again to continue the fight. But it is more of a shame to see a loving daughter, a great sister, and a caring aunt fall victim to the actions of the frightened and scared.
May Chidiac you have always been my inspiration, as you have always allowed me to believe in myself through your kind words. And that is why I am where I am right now, but where I am is far away from you right ,feeling helpless because I cannot be beside you as you have always been beside me during my time of hardship and pain. I cannot help but feel a tear drop down my cheek and the pain of being away from home while watching you being carried on a stretcher, seeing my mother cry and my grandmother wailing on TV. This also being the first time I see all of you in two months, but not in the way I expected at all.

To my loving aunt,

I hope you will get well soon, and show who ever did this that they cannot silence you even when it comes to a matter of life and death, like they have silenced many other freedom fighters before you.

Signed: Your nephew”

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Is it a Bliss or a Curse?

I know one thing it's a haunting light that makes one wish he was blind.