Friday, July 01, 2005

Great Politician

I watched yesterday the interview the Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berry with Marcel Ghanem, the best talk show animator in Lebanon. It was the first TV interview for Berry despite the fact that he was Speaker for over 13 years. I was amazed by this interview, it was like a match of Tenis. Marcel was firing tons of provocative questions and Berry was answering them all “frankly”, very calmly and in a direct way. That’s a real “politician”. I don’t mean by politician a good state’s man, on the contrary we all know the “corrupted” past of Berry but the fact that he succeeded in answering all these questions and cleaning, eventually, his picture in the people’s eyes was astonishing . But on the other hand yesterday’s interview proves that Berry is capable of facing any corruption allegation in the future and get a way with it. I don’t think that if one day our new politicians launched that “accountability” process they are talking about, Berry would be an easy target.