Thursday, November 10, 2005


Don't ask me why?
Or what will I do?
Because everything in my eyes seems so "flou"

Don't ask who am I?
And is my love true?
Because my miserable heart
Doesn't have a clue

Darkness or light
I don't think it's blue
It's a radiant moment
That brings me to you

Love and passion are not quiet the same
The first is a life
The second a moment of shame
Irrational, cruel breathtaking and great
A brightening light that tastes like fate

So beautiful you wish it never stops
It rises you up and places you on the top
And when it ends you fall from heaven searching for your soul
Bloodless, shivering empty as a hole


Blogger Maldoror said...

Loved the way you ended it all!
Keep thse posts coming, I love to read from you!
P.S: I should do the same :)

9:58 AM  
Blogger SH said...

Thx Maldoror you are my only fan!! ;)

10:15 AM  

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