Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Yesterday my niece (8 years old) took me aside and asked me with fear in her eyes and in a very serious tone: “Do you think that there will be a war in Lebanon?” I asked: Why do you think that?” She answered: “Because everybody is speaking about war. I just hope that March will end I will be sure then that there will be no war.” I asked: “what does March have to do with it?” She said: “Because then the national dialogue will end and the leaders will reach an agreement but if they don’t reach an agreement there will be war and we will lose everything.”


What do you think about that!!!

I was surprised. I had never expected such a dialogue between me and my niece. I always thought that the first time we would have a serious conversation it would be about a boy she likes at school or about religious stuff she doesn’t understand. But this was a surprise. I was so embarrassed because I didn’t know what to tell her. What can I say? I thought if I tell her that she is right and that a new civil war could emerge recently she will be devastated because the only reason she is asking is that she wants me to reassure her that nothing bad will happen. And if I say that nothing will happen I could be lying to her.

So I answered: “You know you shouldn’t be worrying about these things because in politics things change everyday. And if the worst thing happened there will be a war but don’t worry about it. Because when I was born there was a war in Lebanon and as you see nothing happened the war ended and we are living normally now.”

What do you think about this answer, I’m not so proud of it but I couldn’t find in that moment anything else to say.

But what if war starts something bad happened to her or to her family.

I’m not a pessimist person but looking at a worried 8 years old child that must be living with no fears makes me drop out all the hope I had inside.

So I address You “Lebanese Politicians”: Are you aware of the consequences of your mockery and childplay? Are You aware that children are panicking and parents are not sleeping at night worrying for their families? And that we are having nightmares each night remembering the civil war’s nights when we were children praying that our father could go and return safely from work.

Just remember what we endured and what your children would endure if war starts again. And get along!!!


Blogger Maldoror said...

I still think no war is likely to occur in Lebanon, at least not for the time being. So chase away your fears and relax! War is not on the menu for now :)
As for the awareness of your niece at such a young age, well, I must say I find it frightening too when I see how much alive and self-aware this new generation is!
But then again,I hope they reach the maturity that will allow them not to get bored fast either!

12:12 AM  

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